The Reading Minute

It’s your turn to present the reading minute to the class.

Please select an appropriate piece of writing that you can fluently read to the class in one-minute (or less). Consider what your classmates would be interested in hearing.

Ideas for what you can read:
- Selection from a newspaper article
- Selection from a magazine article
- Selection from a book (fiction or nonfiction)
- Poetry
- An original piece of writing
- Letter
- Selection from a website (for example; (news tab);

Be sure to select and practice reading your piece aloud before your presentation.

Your presentation will count as a test grade and be graded on the following qualities:
  • Being prepared on your scheduled date: 2 pts.
  • Interest/appeal of piece selected: 2 pts.
  • Clear/smooth reading of the piece: 3 pts.
  • Loud enough to be heard: 3 pts.

Points: _/10 Grade: _

Schedule (posted on a monthly basis):